How to set the message for help on your mobile phone

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Have you ever heard of SOS messages to mobile?

Mobile phones today are capable of many things that we had not ever stopped to think. Here's how to set it up so that, if you ever have an emergency, this is able to save us from risk situations.

but of course, There is a wide range of devices, and there are some phone models that do not have this feature. For this reason we see some alternatives you can use regardless of operating system your mobile phone.

How to set up SOS message on Android?

In order to work, We have activated emergency messages. To configure them just follow these steps:

• Go to “Configuration”.
• Choose “advanced features”.
• Down altogether, prem a “Send SOS messages” and activate it.
• Add at least one recipient of confidence. But you can have three or four contacts, depending on your device model.
• Depending on the phone model, this function allows you to do more or less. In some cases sending photograph of the front and back camera, or even can record audio voice. You can attach images taken with the camera front and rear, you can also record audio from five seconds.

As SOS function is activated at risk Android?

In this case, to activate it you have to press 5 times the power button, but remember that all Android devices are not equal. So watch carefully the instructions t'apareguin your device once you have turned on.

How to configure the message SOS iPhone?

To activate emergency mode must follow the following steps:

• Experience in the app “Health”.
• Choose “medical data”.
• Prem, edit and add trusted contacts.
• Active “automated call”.
• Save Changes.

As SOS function is activated at risk iPhone?

in iPhone 8 a model back: You have to press the side button and the volume buttons until you see the regulator Emergency SOS.
in iPhone 7 a model previously: Press the side button quickly or higher 5 cops.

In this case, iPhone automatically call our local emergency system. Once the emergency call, alerts to your selected contacts with a text message that sends your location. If you move sent updates to your location.


If your device does not have a feature called earlier, There are numerous alternatives for the same purpose.

  • Remember that in case of accident or danger you can call 112 although the mobile screen is blocked. You can also download from the App CAT112, the MY112 which has created the Generalitat of Catalonia, where operator 112 will call geolocalised.
  • The Interior Ministry also created ALERTCOPS that lets you send photos, location or through video calls or chat authorities.
  • Another option is to use functions of the apps that we use in our day to day. With WhatsApp, Telegram i Google Maps, allowing real-time location sharing for up to 24 hours. You just need to have turned on the phone and internet.

Prevention is better than cure. Having turned it save us from any unpleasant situation.